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JG Interpreting & Training Services (JGITS) began in 2010. JGITS has a concentrated multi-faceted approach to interpreter continuing education via workshops and study groups, ASL-English interpreting services, interpreter coordination, interpreter evaluation and mentoring.

In addition to the training and workshops Josh Garrett does on his own, he also contracts/partners with other presenters in order to provide some of the most enjoyable and educational workshops you will find around the country. JGITS brings workshops that are both enjoyable and educational right to your area.

JGITS is your one stop shop for interpreting needs, interpreter training, workshops, mentoring, advocacy, test preparation and consulting.
Explore the workshop offerings provided by JGITS. In addition to anything listed on the website, JGITS does curriculum development to meet your...

Feel free to reach out to JGITS! We are happy to serve you.

Welcome to JG Interpreting & Training Services

I am lucky enough to have Josh Garrett as my mentor. Josh is knowledgeable, compassionate, honest, and possess the attributes of good teacher/trainer. From day one, JG accepted where I was at in my professional development. He continues to provide guidance and constructive feedback. Through this I am learning to identify my current strengths and weaknesses and learning tools in order to become a successful interpreter.

Stephanie, Washington, D.C.