ASL to English Interpreting (K-12)

for Educational Interpreters

In this workshop, we will take an in-depth look at a plethora of topics related to improving our ASL-to-English interpreting within a K-12 educational setting.  Learning will take place via lecture, video samples, along with small and large group work.  Join us as we tackle this aspect of interpreting from multiple perspectives.

Strategies, Theories, Concepts, and Topics of Discussion

  • Powerful vs. Powerless Speech Patterns (Hedges, Hesitations, Intensifiers, Polite Forms, Tag Questions/Up Talk, and Disclaimers)
  • Processing Time
  • Idioms
  • Common Interpreting Errors (Omissions, Additions, Substitutions, Intrusions, and Anomalies)
  • Conveying the Content and Spirit of the Signer
  • How the Code of Professional Conduct Applies
  • Achieving Dynamic Equivalence vs. Equivalence (Conveying Age, Swearing/Sexual Signs, Gender, Tense, Register, Race, and Personality)
  • Working Memory
  • Cloze Skills
  • Conveying Implicit and Explicit Nuances of Language
  • Conveying Classifiers
  • Source Language Intrusions
  • Necessary Cultural and Linguistic Mediation

Length of Workshop

4-7 Hours