Modern Day Ethical Best Practices

If you are tired of the standard “ethics” workshop examining the tenets of the CPC, give this workshop a try!  You will be in for a fun, informative and educational learning experience. This workshop will examine the ins and outs of the CPC and how it applies in a variety of specialized modern day settings from a theoretical and experiential studies approach.  The workshop consists of theory, lecture, small and large group discussions surrounding scenarios and case studies.  Case studies will include recent viral videos, articles and reports.

Evaluation Quotes From Past Workshop Attendees

  • Awesome!  Kept my interest and discussed important topics.  Not at all what I expected from an ethical workshop.  Loved all the multimedia used and current issues addressed.
  • This workshop helped me consider ethics in a whole different way. It was amazing! 
  • First ethics workshop I’ve enjoyed and felt like it was useful in a long time.
  • It was a great workshop, straight-forward, lots of pertinent information, but also fun.
  • Challenging thoughts on ethics; the new perspective was refreshing. 
  • This was like no other ethics workshop I’ve been to. 
  • It was the best ethical workshop I have been to.  Presenter was professional, yet informative, all while being very charismatic.  Loved it!

Strategies, Theories, Concepts, and Topics of Discussion

  • Approaches to Ethical Decision Making- Categorical/Consequentialist
  • Ethics and Social Media- Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Yelp
  • Ethics of Conveying the Content and Spirit of the Speaker
  • Ethics Regarding Language Mode, Linguistic Choices and Client Matching
  • Ethics and Oppression
  • Ethics of Conflicting and/or Dual Roles
  • Ethics of Conveying Swearing and Sexual Concepts, Gender-Matching, Age, Non Manuals, Personal Filters, Register, Race, Personality, Linguistic Choices, etc. 
  • Ethics Regarding Having Your Work Recorded on Audio or Video.
  • Ethical Billing Practices

Length of Workshop

3-6 Hours