Next Level ASL Interpreting

to the Next Level

Workshop is designed to assist anyone from the newbie, ITP students, transliterators, interpreters who want to become more “ASL,” to any interpreter who wants to interpret in a manner more as a Deaf person would convey information. Learn how to take a closer look at the work you do, and then how to improve from your current level.  We will take a look at some of the most common errors in interpreting, and discuss effective strategies for improving upon them. This is also a beneficial workshop for someone preparing for the BEI, NIC, or EIPA, or for someone wanting to achieve a better score. 

The workshop is divided into theory, lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on activities involving both individual and group work, but don’t worry, you will not have to be up in front of anyone!

Strategies, Theories, Concepts, and Topics of Discussion

  • Back Translation
  • English-to-ASL Expansion Techniques
  • ASL Sentence Types
  • Levels of Processing (Lexical, Phrasal, Sentential, Contextual/Conceptual
  • Processing Time/Interpreting vs. Transliterating
  • Constructed Action/Dialogue/Role Shifting/Characterization
  • Achieving Dynamic Equivalence
  • ASL-to-English (Voicing) Strategies
  • Achieving More Dynamic Equivalence in Your Interpreting

Length of Workshop

4-7 Hours