Peer Mentoring

Helping Each Other Reach Our Full Potential

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut with your skill development? Take a step back from traditional mentor/mentee workshops and join us for a look at Peer Mentoring. Peer Mentoring will be focused on as an effective means for interpreter development and improvement. Additionally, we will discuss several types of mentoring including Peer, Traditional (Collegiate), Distance/Remote, Workshops/Training and Deaf/Interpreter, and how we all can improve through the mentoring process. This workshop will also help you with goal-setting so you are able to walk away with goals you can implement immediately. We will discuss useful resources, tools and strategies for effective mentoring relationships.

Strategies, Theories, Concepts, and Topics of Discussion:

  • Types of Mentoring
  • Resources for Mentoring
  • Language (ASL Development and Fluency) vs. Skill (Interpreting Process)
  • Strategies for Observation vs. Feedback
  • Effective Language to Use During Feedback/Discussion Sessions
  • Teaming and When Teaming Can Become Mentoring
  • The Setting of Short/Mid/Long Term Goals
  • Back Translating
  • Common Interpreting Errors

Length of Workshop

4-7 Hours