Preparing for the BEI TEP

Test of English Proficiency

Join us as we talk about all you need to know regarding the BEI Test of English Proficiency(TEP). This workshop is an introduction to the TEP. If you are unsure of what to expect, feel nervous about taking the TEP, or want to be better prepared, this is the workshop for you. If you have taken the TEP and not passed, a portion of the workshop will help you better prepare to retake the test. At the completion of this workshop, you will know what to expect from the moment you walk into the testing room until the time you get your results. Don’t be caught off guard; this test is more difficult than many expect.

Strategies, Theories, Concepts, and Topics of Discussion

  • BEI Manual
  • What Exactly to Expect
  • Testing Environment and Set Up
  • Approaches to Testing
  • Testing Binder
  • Sample Test
  • Working Within the Time Limit
  • English Improvement Methods
  • Results Letter
  • Resources

Length of Workshop

3-4 Hours