Swearing & Sexual Signs

Exploring Cultural and Linguistic Equivalents

Want to increase your knowledge of swearing and sexual signs along with English meanings necessary to effectively convey cultural and linguistic meaning? This workshop will focus on analyzing and extracting the meaning of swearing and sexual vocabulary in both English and ASL, and how to then appropriately and effectively convey meaning in the target language.

Swearing and sexual ASL and English vocabulary will be taught, discussed, and demonstrated along with equivalents for commonly used phrases, words, or terms. Some of the content demonstrated (ASL concepts) will be given by the workshop participants; thus, enabling participants to draw from the knowledge and experience of everyone in the workshop.  This material will be presented in a professional and to-the-point manner, and is not intended to be offensive.

Strategies, Theories, Concepts, and Topics of Discussion

  • Analysis of semantic factors pertaining to linguistic and cultural mediation
  • How personal filters, background and upbringing affect the interpretation
  • The effective use of Classifiers in conveying sexual signs
  • How English-to-ASL Expansion techniques can be used
  • How register can impact sign/word choice
  • Conveying gender and age differences in swearing and sexual terminology
  • Commonly used signs for conveying swearing and sexual concepts
  • Exploring dynamic equivalents between English and ASL
  • Interpreting implicit and explicit meanings
  • Application of the Code of Professional Conduct

Length of Workshop

4-7 Hours