VRS Interpreting

An Introduction

In this interactive workshop you will explore a variety of topics pertaining to Video Relay Service interpreting.  You will be exposed to information on pre-employment considerations, questions to ask a potential employer, training and skill considerations, tips and strategies on the job, precautions, work considerations, and many more.

You will get some “hands-on” experience doing and seeing what a VRS interpreter faces on a daily basis. This will be a general overview of VRS interpreting, and it does not pertain to any one VRS company; no proprietary information will be discussed or shared. If you have ever wondered what VRS interpreting is all about, and the potential types of scenarios you will encounter, this is the workshop for you!

Strategies, Theories, Concepts, and Topics of Discussion

  • FCC regulations surrounding VRS interpreting, and how they guide the work.
  • Sample interpreting scenarios and how to handle them.
  • The dynamics and issues of interpreting via the phone/VP.
  • RID-NAD Code of Professional Conduct as it applies to VRS interpreting.
  • The questions to ask a potential VRS employer before accepting a job.
  • Navigating the technology involved with VRS.
  • Common questions and myths associated with VRS.
  • The basic function, roles and responsibilities of a VRS interpreter.

Length of Workshop

3-6 Hours